‘Hoping to find water’: 10 things to know about Chandrayaan.

Chandrayaan 2, India’s second moon-mission, will be launched early morning at 2:51 am on Friday. It is expected to land on the Moon on September 6. The total mass of the mission is 3.8 tonnes and has cost Rs 978 crore.


Here are 10 most important facts on Chandrayaan-2

1. ISRO has confirmed that it is hoping to find water on the lunar surface on the back of ‘the thousands of tests’ conducted by the agency.

2. Landing of Chandrayaan-2 is ISRO’s biggest challenge till now, the 15 minutes when the lander separates and before it soft lands on the moon have been called “terrifying moments” by the agency that has never undertaken such a flight.

3. Chandrayaan-2 consists of an orbiter, a lander (Vikram), a rover (Pragyan) and will land near Moon’s south pole, a feat not achieved before by any other mission.

4. Ample solar light for solar power, the near flat surface with good visibility for a safe landing and expected higher presence of water and minerals are the main reasons why ISRO chose Moon’s south-pole for landing.

5. The first landing pictures may be available within 15 minutes of the lander touching down. However, it will take four hours from the time of landing to the time the Rover comes out from the lander.

6. A NASA instrument for LASER ranging will be carried by the mission as a mark of cooperation between the two space agencies. India will use the Deep Space Network of NASA on payment basis for navigation and guidance.

7. The Rover and the Lander will have a life of one lunar day (14 earth days) and for that lunar day, it will conduct scientific experiments. The orbiter however has life of one year.

8. The mission carries 13 Indian scientific instruments for experiments. Imaging of rock will be done to find elements like magnesium, calcium and iron and also for signs of water. Mission will also study the exosphere of the moon.

9. The ISRO is following the same launch strategy followed for Chandrayaan-1. However, Chandrayaan 1 was just an orbiter while Chandrayaan-2 has Lander and Rover components adding complexity to the mission.

10. One rover-wheel will have the Ashoka Chakra and the lander will have the tricolor on it.(Source: Defencenews.in)

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