Director's Message

Dear Aspirants,

            Congratulations for your decision to choose civil services as a career option. Civil services have been a dream of Individuals for many decades because of its incredible traditions and the greatest of all is the ‘honor’. Indian civil services commanded honor from all parts of the world, and it has been the steel frame of Indian democracy.

            But over the years, Indian bureaucracy has become more rigid and has become irrelevant to address the developmental needs of the nation. So the most important obstacle for this is the tendency to concentrate more power among themselves and reduce the freedom of the citizens. The need of the hour is not the people who are opportunistic but those who can sacrifice power so the larger objective of the democracy i.e, political, economic and social justice is delivered.

            This demands traits like intellectual and moral integrity, balance of judgment, critical powers of assimilation, clear and logical exposition, variety and depth of interest, ability for social cohesion and leadership, mental alertness, and also for his social traits. These cannot be inculcated overnight and needs continuous training. Our team has been strongly committed to ensure that every Individual develop all the requisite intellectual and moral competence so as to be an able administrator.

            I hereby welcome you to the Pragnya IAS academy, where your commitment and devotion meets our decades of experience, and wisdom.