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Choosing the Most Prestigious Career

Prelims Crash Coaching

Prelims Crash Coaching

Choosing Civil Services as a Career is a “Process of Meaningful Understanding of India and the World and to contribute to a better Society”

What do you Study here?

Geography–Physical, Economic and Human Geography of India and the World, like Distribution of Key natural resources, Earthquakes, Cyclones and other important phenomena

History – Ancient, Medieval and Modern Indian History and also important world historical events.

Economics – Utilization of Very important economic resources for the Growth and Development, Employment creation, Agriculture or Industrial planning, Land Reforms, Energy sector, etc.,

Constitution and Governance– Understanding of Indian Constitution, Centre – State Government relations, Good Governance concepts, Understanding Indian Judicial System, Electoral system, NGOs, Self-help Groups, Welfare Schemes etc.,

International Relations- Indian and its neighborhood relations, relations with other important countries, International Institutions like IMF, World Bank, European Union, BRICS, World Trade Organization WTO etc.,

Science and Technology – Scientific developments in everyday life, Achievements of Indian Scientists, ISRO, NASA achievements, Revolution from Nano-Technology and Bio-Technology, etc.,

Environmental issues– Environmental conservation, Reducing Environmental Pollution and Degradation etc.,

Disaster Management – Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Cyclones, Droughts and Effective Control of Natural and Man-made disaster problems.

Internal Security issues – Addressing issues of Terrorism, naxalism, Separatism, Communal issues, Security issues at the borders, Money laundering, Cyber Attacks and their preventive measures etc.,

Ethics and Integrity - Ethics and morals in the society, Human Value system, Lessons from Great leaders, reformers and administrators, Family values, Values driven Educational System, developing good Attitude etc.,

Understanding these issues right from childhood broadens the thinking about various issues . Every Child can have meaningful Education from Childhood

Most Prestigious Career Opportunities

1. Can get the Best and the Most Prestigious career which others can only dream of. This include IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS and Indian Railways, Indian Postal Service, Indian Forest Service and many more top Central Government Jobs
2. These candidates can be selected for Intelligence Bureau (IB Officers), SSC Officers etc.,
3. Apart from this, there are Wide range of State government (Group-1, Group-2 Officers) and Central Government posts which can be cracked by those who prepare from their Childhood
4. Can get into Highest Cadre bank Officers posts like Probationary Officers, or Higher Managerial Officer posts Of Reserve Bank of India and other Well reputed national and global banks
5. Candidates who had prepared for Civil Services are given preference while recruiting for Most of the Top Private Managerial Jobs

Why Preparation Should Start from Intermediate and Degree at Pragnya IAS Academy?

Many Students after doing B.Tech / M. Tech / M.B.B.S / M.B.A from Top Reputed Colleges like IITs, NITs, or IIMs choose Civil Services as the most prestigious career option.

People who prepare for Civil Services after Degree will have to spend 3 to 4 yrs of time preparing for Civil Services.

This shows that choosing Civil Services as a Career option from Intermediate and Degree will make the students to achieve their Dream Goal at a Very Young Age.

Key Features of the Course

  • Clarity in theories & Concepts to answer any given question more accurately.

  • Multiple modes of delivering the same topic so as to ensure conceptual clarity.

  • Adopt the most advanced technological of audio-videos, pictorial representations so as to build realistic understanding on the subject-matter.

  • Incredible insights to develop best answers.

  • Detailed analysis of previous year questions so as to ensure

    • Right orientation

    • Prioritize the topics

    • Helps you to choose what to read and more importantly what not to read

    • To approach the main exam with right strategy

  • Experienced faculty – Retired and In-service IAS/IPS officers.

  • India’s best quality and highly relevant printed materials.

  • The more personal, small-group teaching (supervisions) is the most distinctive feature of the classroom system.

  • High Success rate.

Courses offered


Registrations open for Upcoming Batches from 02nd Jan 2020

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Best Inter With IAS Coaching Center In Hyderabad

Hyderabad evolved to meet the needs of IAS applicants preparing for the city’s exams. It is a good city to study for the IAS exam online. It is the academic hotspot for competitive exams in the southern portion of India, and you may make the most of it by enrolling in IAS Coaching In Hyderabad.

The establishment of numerous Civil Services Coaching Centers in Hyderabad has drawn a large number of young people to pursue IAS Coaching In Hyderabad. As a result, continuing with IAS Coaching in Hyderabad is one of the most popular alternatives among UPSC applicants, particularly those from South India. Furthermore, as a developed city, Bangalore is a hotspot for young students pursuing their education or careers, as it provides all of the necessary amenities and resources. As a result, the city’s culture is highly welcoming to young people.

Hyderabad is a place where both aspiring students and professionals live. Hyderabad provides high-quality professional education from the greatest instructors in the business. With the help of numerous Civil Services Coaching Institutes In Hyderabad, passing the exams and moving a step closer to success becomes a lot easier.

About Pragnya IAS Academy – Best Inter With IAS Coaching In Hyderabad

Pragnya IAS Academy is one of the best IAS Coaching Institutes In Hyderabad. Pragnya IAS Academy has developed its foundation curriculum in such a way that it provides aspirants with a clear picture of achievement. Because the IAS exam is one of India’s most difficult, it necessitates a clear image of IAS Preparation in Hyderabad and competent instruction. The insightful strategy of Pragnya IAS Academy’s UPSC IAS Coaching in Bangalore helps students to focus on their career goals and also offer flexibility in terms of online fee payment.

The institute’s mission is to offer its best to the nation-building process and to provide society with the best government servants. Pragnya IAS Academy which tops the list of Top 10 IAS Coaching center in Hyderabad offers a staff of professionals on hand to answer any questions students may have. The majority of the teachers are retired IAS officers with extensive understanding of the exam. The greatest program for UPSC IAS Coaching In Hyderabad is their concept creation and interview training program. The institute has a lot of experience with IAS Preparation in Hyderabad and leads the list of top 20 IAS Coaching classes in Hyderabad.

Pragnya IAS Academy – one of the Top 10 IAS classes in Hyderabad has a high success rate, with many students passing the exam each year. They provide well-planned study materials that are tailored to the preferences of the students. Students who join Pragnya IAS Academy for IAS Coaching In Bangalore will undoubtedly achieve their success goals as it is the top 5 IAS Coaching center in Hyderabad.

Best Inter With IAS Courses Offered In Hyderabad By Pragnya IAS Academy

1. CEC
2. MPC
3. MEC

Benefits Of Joining Pragnya IAS Academy

Best Degree With IAS Coaching Institute

1. Leads the list of top 20 IAS Coaching center in Hyderabad
2. Well-designed Study material.
3. The top IAS faculty of India, mostly are retired IAS and PCS officers.
4. Well-equipped classrooms with audio-visual systems.
5. Effective teaching methods.
6. Serious and competitive study environment.
7. Extended support even after the completion of the course.
8. Regular test series and doubt clearing sessions.
9. Course plans are based on a daily basis.
10. Small batch size.
11. Recorded video of every lecture.
12. Highest success rates.

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How Good Is Pragnya IAS Academy For Inter With IAS Coaching In Hyderabad?

For Inter with IAS Preparation in Hyderabad, Pragnya IAS Academy is a reasonable option as it is the top 5 IAS Coaching in Hyderabad. If you wish to conduct IAS Preparation in Hyderabad, you should surely consider Pragnya IAS Academy for IAS Preparation in Hyderabad. The institute provides excellent Online IAS prelims, optional Online IAS lessons, and Online IAS mains preparation. The well-known institute is a one-stop solution for students from Hyderabad and other regions of India looking for UPSC IAS Coaching Centres In Hyderabad. It has the vision to generate a successful candidate and make this country the best it can be. The top IAS faculty of Hyderabad is teaching at Pragnya IAS Academy which actually tops the list of top 20 IAS Coaching in Hyderabad has been working hard to come up with new strategies to deal with the exam’s issues. The institution employs competent academic members who are committed to achieving the organization’s mission and aims. It makes an attempt to assist pupils in realizing their goals. The institute provides highly regarded study resources to help students improve their IAS Preparation in Hyderabad and secure a spot on the IAS rank list & also offers free counseling to students.

Classrooms with cutting-edge audio/visual equipment will help students learn more effectively. Students can gain valuable teaching experience as well as study skills to help them prepare for their exams. The institute provides a welcoming, serious, and focused learning environment that encourages students to pursue their goals. Unlike other institutes, Pragnya IAS Academy which is one of the top 5 IAS Classes in Hyderabad provides students with ongoing support after they have completed the UPSC IAS Coaching In Hyderabad.

The institution’s strong success rate can be attributed to its skilled professors and exceptional facilities. The institution provides students with personalized coaching to help them overcome their weaknesses and strengthen their strengths. Pragnya Bharti, a monthly current affairs magazine, provides aid to civil service exam candidates. The magazine will assist students in overcoming the topics of General Studies papers and the major examination Essay. The students’ confidence levels will be boosted by the periodical examinations, allowing them to excel in the main IAS exam.

Duration Of Inter With IAS Coaching At Pragnya IAS Coaching In Hyderabad

The duration of UPSC IAS Coaching Institutes In Hyderabad varies and there is no set time limit, although most Online Inter with IAS coaching institutes take one year to complete typical GS courses. Because there are so many courses, the length of the Online IAS tutoring varies. The duration of Online IAS courses, like the foundation, is typically more than one year or 1.5 years, and the period of optional Online IAS Coaching varies from four to seven months, depending on the sort of courses you select in the coaching.

Advantages Of Joining Inter With IAS Coaching With Pragnya IAS Coaching In Hyderabad

1. Leads the list of top 20 IAS Coaching center in Hyderabad

2. Well-designed Study material.

3. The top IAS faculty of India, mostly are retired IAS and PCS officers.

4. Well-equipped classrooms with audio-visual systems.

5. Effective teaching methods.

6. Serious and competitive study environment.

7. Extended support even after the completion of the course.

8. Regular test series and doubt clearing sessions.

9. Course plans are based on a daily basis.

10.Small batch size.

11.Recorded video of every lecture.

12.Highest success rates.