UPSC Interview by Swati Malhotra (David R. Syiemlieh Board)

Name: Swati Malhotra

Date: 12th of April

Session: Forenoon

Serial Order:1st (to be called)

Board: David Sir

Attire: White colored cotton suit and leather sandals

Hobbies: Cooking and Issue based Drawing

Qualification: Political Science (hons)

....and JAB WE MET
Passing through the security checks and pacing towards ""THE CHAMBER"" along with the Peon.... Was feeling like 'ALEXANDER THE GREAT"" marching ahead to conquer the world ;)

Waited ten minutes outside the interview room, wishing each passerby thinking one among them may be sitting in the board. Suddenly, tearing the silence, I heard a voice from the room... 'yeah! my name it was'(probably the members were discussing my DAF)

FINALLY THE BELL RANG Peon opened the door and led me in.

No female member hence no 'wishing them first' kind of protocol (as told by Raveendran Sir), I greeted all of them at once and when directed by the Chairperson, placed myself comfortably in the Magnificent Chair.

Ch: So Miss Swati! You must be happy to be called in first and skipping the ordeal of waiting for your turn in the lobby.

Me: Sir, it's both ways round. I would have got the opportunity to sit and share my views with other candidates if called afterwards.

Ch: You have an excellent academic record and we can see your graduation profile from one of the most prestigious institutions of country (Hindu College, Delhi University) Good! Indian bureaucracy is in dearth of talent these days.(I was expecting a question but none came) You completed your grad in 2009, since then there is a blank, Why??

Me: Sir, I gave my first attempt in 2010.

Ch: First Attempt?? In what, High Jump??

(I started laughing and the Chairman reciprocated)

Ch: Anyways I can see Issue based drawing as your hobby. What is it??

(it just clicked, a ram-baan for interview, mould the direction of the interview in your favour)

Me: Sir, issue based drawing is done on the societal issues which pinch me a lot, like women and child related problems (women n child empowerment is my forte)

Ch: have you ever held an exhibition of the same??

Me: No Sir! But iv displayed them through social media like fb n twitter.

Ch: Facebook!! Well, I don't like it. It's so intrusive??

Me: Sir, it has both pros and cons and there are so many privacy options avlbl that safety n security are least compromised these days.

(my lineage of a broad and never ending smile was continuously reciprocated by the Chairman)

Ch: You have done hons. In political science, tell me the difference between hons. And simple B.A

Me: (gave a satisfactory answer) and was handed over to member 1.

M1: You just said Child related issues. What are they?

Me: listed some 8-9 issues.

M1: what has Indian govt done for the same??

Me: again a list of 10-12 policies and programmes

M1: ( taking clue from above answer) Tell me the role of Anganwadis.

Me: (gave the answer and passed on to M2)

M2: explain rights? What are religious rights??which articles of the Indian constitution contain the same??

Me: (being a student of Political Science, gave the answers confidently)

M2: what are the protective measures taken for women in India??

Me: (answered well)

M2: isn't it discriminatory against Men??

Me: Yes Sir, it's indeed discriminatory but our constitution terms it as Positive discrimination.

M3: What is the scenario in the world today?? Tell me continent wise.

M3: What is recession as it occured in Europe??

After giving the answers to M3 quite confidently I felt like battle is half won.

M4: Indians are maltreated in Singapore,. Throw light.

Me: I'm sorry Sir but I'm finding myself deficient on the knowledge of the issue.

M4: Oh! Doesn't matter, tell me about indo-Srilanka relationship

Me: I gave the touchpoints and he was pretty satisfied. ( no cross questions)

Back to Chairman: have you ever visited any govt office??

Me: Yes Sir! To get my driving licence made.

Ch: what was the problem there?

Me: delayed proceedings.

Ch: how can we address the same??

Me: Sir, it can be solved through e- governance

Ch: the best model in India??

Me: sevottam model

Ch: what is your first service preference?


Ch: which state??

Me: Rajasthan

Ch: and the last preference??

Me: I don't remember Sir

Ch: that means you don't want to go there, the last state.

Me: No Sir! The preference is for the sake of it, otherwise I'll give my 100 percent wherever I'll be placed.

Ok Thank you!

God bless you!

Good luck!!

I WISHED THEM GOOD DAY and was about to take my first step, when the Chairman said cheerfully, ""hopefully you'll introduce e- model to fasten up your office proceedings ""
We exchanged smiles and I stepped out of the room. "

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